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Month: June, 2012

Lust List

Everyone needs a statement piece of jewellery. This week, we’ve chosen Yves Saint Laurent’s Arty ring. Add a touch of glamour to any outfit as well as a pop of colour. To purchase go to net-a-porter.com


Face the Frost with Lulu Frost

Meet great lengths with a maxi skirt this winter. Pair with a great cropped jacket and a piece of statement jewellery.

Old Man Shoes

Just when you thought you mastered the way to a woman’s heart, she scans you from top to bottom; checks out your hair, moves down to your shirt, your pants… and she’s horrified. She gasps and says that she forgot that she must take her dog to the vet. What could have turned her off? You made sure your hair was combed to perfection, you wore your best sweater (in the color that really flatters your eyes), and even made sure to match. After all that effort it must have been those sneakers that you put on last minute so that you wouldnt be late to the date.

Trend: Leather

 Update your look with a bright new leather item!

Trend: Fedoras

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The fedora is the perfect accessory for this winter.

Lust List

One of the handiest items for a guy to have is a Messenger Bag or “Man Purse”. The one we’ve picked out this week comes from Zara, the Messenger Bag With Two Buckles is sleek and simple and can be purchased at a reasonable price of 37.82 AUD. So stay tuned for next weeks update on the Lust List.

The Little Things That Count

Its the little things that count, when your looking for what can add that little edge to your outfit.

Snake’s the Word

Add a bit of jungle to your life with python. 

Glamour Gumboots

Stay dry this rainy season with glamour gumboots.

Technicolour Coats

Brace yourself for winter with technicolour coats! 

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